DD Episode 99: Kerry Alan Denney & Psychopaths (2017)


Kerry Alan Denney returns to discuss his new novel, Beyond the Vale. They also discuss how to avoid author intrusion, drafting your novel, marketing tips, and life after death. 

Then Jason and Michael discuss the 2017 Mickey Keating film Psychopaths.

Visit Kerry online: http://www.kerrydenney.com/


Music Heard

Drowning by Monster Magnet. Buy their new album here!

DD Episode 97: Mercedes M. Yardley & The Ritual (2017)


To celebrate Women in Horror month, Jason and Michael talk with Mercedes M. Yardley where they discuss the unfortunate need for a month dedicated to women in horror, what makes a strong female character, voodoo dolls, the ever intrusive unsolicited dick pick (seriously dudes, don't do this!), advice for young women horror writers, and so much more. Then Michael and Jason Netflix and chill with the Adam Neville adapted novel The Ritual.


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Singularity by Steinsopp

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DD Episode 96: 2017 vs 2018


We're back! Sorry for the delay everyone! This episode Jason and Michael discuss their favorites and biggest disappointments in movies for 2017. They had planned on talking about books, too, but ran out of time. They did, however, get a preview in for both books and movies coming this year that both hosts are excited about.  


Please check out the Stories For Ghosts blog!

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Enemy by Alastor

Stay tuned as Darkness Dwells will celebrate Woman in Horror month in both blog and upcoming podcast episode formats.

DD Episode 68: Halloween Memories and the Best/Worst Stephen King Adaptations

It's October. That means it's Halloween month for The Darkness Dwells team. To celebrate, Jason and Michael discuss their favorite Halloween memories. They also do a top/worst five lists of Stephen King Adaptations. 



Music Heard:

This Is Halloween - Marilyn Manson

Shattering Inner Journeys - The Gaslamp Killer

DD Episode 62: Brian Kirk

Brian Kirk is a new and upcoming horror writer to watch out for. He is our guest this week on the Darkness Dwells Podcast where he and Jason talk about his short story in the Gutted: Beautiful Horror Stories anthology from Crystal Lake Publishing along with his novel WE ARE MONSTERS. They also talk about horror fans and their attraction to dark things, writing horror, mental illness, It Follows, and The Babadook. It's a great conversation to be a fly on the wall for.

Michael is back and he and Jason talk about The Blair Witch Project's historical and brilliant marketing along with how creepy that film actually is. They also discuss The Woods, the "secret" sequel to The Blair Witch coming out this fall. There's great disappointment in the new Cenobite pictures they lament over and much praise for The Texas Chainsaw Massacre's first two original films.

Time for tea, a comfy chair (or the seat you sit on during your commute), and earphones.

Contact Brian Kirk Online:


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Devil Rides & Teenage Exorcists - Both songs by Mogwai 

DD Episode 61: Damien Angelica Walters & Reviews of Psycho Sanitarium and Cell (2016)

Damien Angelica Walters discusses her novel, Paper Tigers, along with her short stories, including her story that appears in Gutted: Beautiful Horror Stories. Keith Chawgo comes by to talk Pyscho: Sanitarium. Jason then tells his feelings about the new Stephen King adaptation of his novel, Cell.

Time to grab that beverage and get comfy, because it's going to be one hell of a ride. 



Find Damien Angelica Walters Online:


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Like 100.000 Sunsets by Weird Owl

Computer Age by Neil Young

DD Episode 59: Ramsey Campbell & Monsterland Review

Ramsey Campbell was kind enough to stop by the Darkness Dwells Podcast land and talk about what we all love: horror fiction. We discuss a little of its roots, where it's going, cosmic horror, a few of his novels, and his short story that appears in the new Crystal Lake Publishing anthology Gutted: Beautiful Horror Stories.

Jason goes solo to discuss Annabelle Part 2 and a hairy Dwayne Johnson.

Keith Chawgo also stops by to review Monsterland by Michael Phillip Cash.

Beverage time! 

Music Heard:

Die Pracht der Nacht by The Gothic Jazz Orchestra

Black City Skyline by Bohren and Der Club of Gore

Gutted: Beautiful Horror Stories is now available at Amazon.com



DD Episode 56: Jasper Bark, What Scares the masters, and Blackwater Val Review

Welcome to this week's giant episode. Jason had the great opportunity to talk with Jasper Bark about his new book The Final Cut. Christina Cooper dropped by to review Blackwater Val by William Gorman. Jason and Michael also have a good conversation over an article found over at Horror Novel Reviews website, listing the books that frightened the masters.

So, time to grab a soda, get comfy, plug -in, and be that fly on the wall. Enjoy! And thanks for listening.

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Jasper deals with a heckler at a public reading.

Jasper deals with a heckler at a public reading.


Music Heard:

Eternal by Generation of Vipers

Lucifer's Slaves by Electric Wizard



DD Episode 47: Desmond Reddick

This week, Jason got the chance to talk with Desmond Reddick, host and producer of Dread Media and author of The Mother of Abominations. They talk about their experiences podcasting, spending time in Scotland, Des's influences, and the writing of Mother of Abominations.

Songs Heard:

Devil's Rise by Motherslug


DD Episode 43: Richard Thomas

This week, Jason and Michael discuss some interesting horror movie developments. Then Jason has an awesome conversation with noir writer Richard Thomas, where they talk about noir and dark fiction of all types, his books, his life, and his new Kickstarter campaign for his latest project: Gamut Magazine.




Visit Richard Thomas online: 


Music Heard

Small Change by Tom Waits

DD Episode 29: Guest Michael Walker and Dracula's Guest

This week Darkness Dwells is all about vampires! First up co-host Michael Schutz-Ryan and Jason White talk about their top five vampire stories. Then author Michael Walker visits Jason to talk about vampires, Charles Bukowski, and his new book The Vampire Henry. And as an added treat, there is then a reading of Bram Stoker’s Dracula’s Guest.

So you know what this means. If you guessed that it’s beverage time, then you’re right! Grab something hot or cold, get comfy, get ready to have your mind swept away into a blood lust.



Find Michael Walker and his book on the web:

Twitter: @intents2000

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/people/Michael-Walker/830150579

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Vampire-Henry-Horrified-Press/dp/1326411993/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1446361120&sr=8-1&keywords=the+vampire+henry

Website: http://intents2000.wix.com/author-blog