DD Episode 47: Desmond Reddick

This week, Jason got the chance to talk with Desmond Reddick, host and producer of Dread Media and author of The Mother of Abominations. They talk about their experiences podcasting, spending time in Scotland, Des's influences, and the writing of Mother of Abominations.

Songs Heard:

Devil's Rise by Motherslug


Episode 22: Room 237 (2013)

Welcome to Episode 22. This week, Jason and Michael discuss the incredible documentary, Room 237, which looks into Stanley Kubrick's adaptations of Stephen King's The Shining. We also discuss the news.

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Songs heard on this episode:

The Shining by Black Sabbath

From the Pinnacle to the Pit by Ghost


Harbinger Down (2015) & Lovecraft's The Music of Erich Zann

This week Jason takes a look at the 2015 effects movie, Harbinger Down. And then it's story time with one of Lovecraft's bests.

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