DD Episode 106: Matt Hayward & Welcome To The Show Anthology


This week a bit of a shorter episode but it's a special one, folks!  Jason talks with author/musician Matt Hayward about his new anthology Welcome to the Show that he did with Crystal Lake Publishing, releasing Friday, August 3, 2018.





Check out the Anthologies table of contents:

Alan M Clark – What Sort of Rube
Jonathan Janz – Night and Day and in Between
John Skipp – In the Winter of No Love
Patrick Lacey – Wolf with Diamond Eyes
Bryan Smith – Pilgrimage
Rachel Autumn Deering – A Tongue like Fire
Glenn Rolfe – Master of Beyond
Matt Hayward – Dark Stage
Kelli Owen – Open Mic Night
Matt Serafini – Beat on the Past
Max Booth III – True Starmen
Somer Canon – Just to be Seen
Jeff Strand – Parody
Robert Ford – Ascending
Adam Cesare – The Southern Thing
Brian Keene – Running Free
Mary SanGiovanni – We Sang in Darkness

Song heard: Blizzard Spaceship by Apodemus