DD Episode 62: Brian Kirk

Brian Kirk is a new and upcoming horror writer to watch out for. He is our guest this week on the Darkness Dwells Podcast where he and Jason talk about his short story in the Gutted: Beautiful Horror Stories anthology from Crystal Lake Publishing along with his novel WE ARE MONSTERS. They also talk about horror fans and their attraction to dark things, writing horror, mental illness, It Follows, and The Babadook. It's a great conversation to be a fly on the wall for.

Michael is back and he and Jason talk about The Blair Witch Project's historical and brilliant marketing along with how creepy that film actually is. They also discuss The Woods, the "secret" sequel to The Blair Witch coming out this fall. There's great disappointment in the new Cenobite pictures they lament over and much praise for The Texas Chainsaw Massacre's first two original films.

Time for tea, a comfy chair (or the seat you sit on during your commute), and earphones.

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Music Heard:

Devil Rides & Teenage Exorcists - Both songs by Mogwai