DD Episode 100: J.G. Faherty & Are We Not Cats (2016)


This is our 100th episode! To celebrate, Jason is taking a month-long journey to promote his short story, Dweller Messiah, appearing in The C.H.U.D. Lives Tribute Anthology! First up is an interview with J.G. Faherty where they discuss his story in the anthology, applying themes to short stories, how horror movies from the 80s influenced his work, and so much more. 

Then Jason and Michael have a discussion on the 2016 film Are We Not Cats. Do they tear this movie to pieces, or did they like it? Find out.

Visit J.G. Faherty online: http://www.jgfaherty.com/

Order The C.H.U.D. Lives Tribute Anthology:  http://getbook.at/CHUD

Music Heard:

False Faith by Weird Tales