DD Episode 102: Tim Waggoner & XX (2017)


On this episode, Tim Waggoner drops by to discuss his story for the C.H.U.D. Lives Tribute anthology. While we had him we also discussed his work with tie-ins and how one goes about finding work in such a field, such as utilizing Kindle Worlds. They also discuss a little about Tim Flanagan! 

Meanwhile, Jason and Michael discuss The Nocturnal Reader's Box subscription, used bookstores, Rob Zombie's next movie, sexual abuse in Hollywood, and the 2017 movie, XX, an anthology horror movie written and directed by four different women.

It's a giant episode! Time to grab your favourite beverage and dig in!

Find Tim Waggoner online: 

Check out The Nocturnal Reader's Box: https://www.thenocturnalreadersbox.com/

Kindle Worlds: https://kindleworlds.amazon.com/

Music Heard:

Evil Desire by Dirty Grave

Thank you for listening!

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