Episode 09: Shoggoth in the Computer (Or What Was Supposed to be a Conversation About It Follows)

...Or What Was Supposed to be a Conversation about It Follows

To say that I was and still am unnerved about what was supposed to be a conversation with Michael about the 2015 movie It Follows that turned into Michael talking to demons from The Deep is an understatement. 

Although I am convinced that this is a result of a technical issue or some sort, I'm still freaked out. 

What am I talking about? Well, just listen to find out. The first part of the show was recorded before hearing how my conversation with Michael turned out, so there's a lot of hype about said conversation. 

Shoggoth ruined it. And please tell me if you hear the word Shoggoth at the end of the clip I play. 

Please. Tell me I'm not going insane. lol

At the end I play a song by Lu Pan titled Regulas. Please check it out and, if you like it, purchase it from here.