DD Episode 115: Matt Hayward & Rob Ford and Brain Damage (1988)

Matt Hayward and Rob Ford discuss their collaboration on their recent book, A Penny For Your Thoughts, where they discuss collaborating and how they approached writing a novel together.

Then, Jason and Michael discuss the insanity that is the 1988 movie Brain Damage.

It's an episode about addiction and collaboration.

DD Episode 114: Simon Strantzas and Dead and Buried (1981)

This episode, Jason has a discussion with Simon Strantzas where they talk Clive Barker, weird fiction, how to build character, and the stories within his latest collection Nothing is Everything.

Then Jason and Michael discuss the 1981 horror film Dead and Buried.


Intro: 00:00

Simon Strantzas Interview: 05:30

Dead and Buried: 38:32

Outro: 58:01

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Interview questions for quick reference:

1. How were you introduced to horror and weird fiction?

2. You wrote an introduction to Steve Rasnic Tem's collection, Hidden Figures. How did that come about?

3. How do you differentiate between weird fiction and magic realism?

4. How do you write in a literary style? I find that literary, or at least contemporary is more about people living their lives and are interrupted by horror when horror typically deals with the horror element more straight on.

5. How do you pull and flesh out a fictional life in your work?

6. You add these elements very well into the stories within you're the latest collection, Nothing is Everything. The Fifth Stone, I think might be one of the better examples. You have a woman's entire life in one short story, and it works. It's one of my favorites from the collection. What was the genesis behind this story and how did you take that idea and turn it into what it is?

7. The first story, In This Twilight, I'd say hit me the hardest. I think because it's locations are very familiar to me. I talked to you about this over Facebook Messenger and you said that you like to take liberties with your Central Ontario, Canada settings, which I noticed. But I felt that In This Twilight almost took place in a different reality that only resembled our own. Was that part of the idea behind writing it?

8. There are also stories like Ghost Dogs where it's almost as though you dropped some LSD and began typing once the drug took hold. Do you know when beginning a story how surreal it's going to become or is the surrealism in your stories a more organic experience for you when writing?

9. The Terrific Mr. Toucan is another favorite. I love the hallucinatory feel to a magic show where the audience thinks that it's all an illusion of some sort but are ignorant of something very real going on.

10. Some of these stories I will, especially the ones I mentioned, are ones that I will reread again and again. You posted on Facebook a couple of weeks ago a list of stories you keep returning too. They were:

- “Macintosh Willy” by Ramsey Campbell

- “Afterward” by Edith Wharton

- “The Beckoning Fair One” by Oliver Onions

- “Smoke Ghost” by Fritz Lieber

- “Our Supervisor’s Temporary Town Manager” by Thomas Ligotti

- “Ringing the Changes” by Robert Aickman

What are some of the elements in a story that will make you go back and reread more than once?

12. Who are you reading today that you're excited about?

13. I was saddened to hear of Wilum Pugmire's recent passing, were you a fan of his work at all?

14. What do you have coming out soon that readers can look forward to?

15. Where can listeners find you online?

DD Episode 113: Ladies of Horror Podcast and Leprechaun Returns (2018)

WomanFiction podcast.jpg

On this episode, Jason sits down with Toni from The Ladies of Horror Fiction Podcast to discuss their resourceful website, the podcast, the haters, how they respond to haters and advice for new women horror writers.

Then Jason and Michael discuss Leprechaun Returns (2018). Did they enjoy it more than the J. J. Abrams produced movie Overlord? Good question! Listen in to find out.

Visit the Ladies of Horror Fiction website and, if you’re a woman horror writer, be sure to take advantage of all their programs if you haven’t already:



Intro: 00:00

Interview with Toni: 12:00

Leprechaun Returns discussion: 21:36

Outro: 1:25:08

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DD Episode 112: Gwendolyn Kiste and Raw (2017)


This episode, Jason and Michael talk with Gwendolyn Kiste and delve into her work. They discuss The Rust Maidens along with the stories in And Her Smile Will Untether The Universe. They also discuss her independent filmmaking career, writing about relationships, and how to nail down enough ambiguity without losing the reader.

Then Jason and Michael discuss the 2017 French movie, Raw.

Visit Gwendolyn online: http://www.gwendolynkiste.com/

Visit Darkness Dwells online: www.wheredarknessdwells.com

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Intro: 00:00

Gwendolyn Kiste Interview: 00:07:48

Raw Discussion: 01:09:30

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Main Gwendolyn Kiste Questions And Topics:

1. I was reading an interview with you in Black Static where you discussed your childhood. You mentioned locking yourself away and reading books on weekends and over the summer break. I can certainly relate! What were those books you read back then, and which ones made you want to become a writer?

2. You also mentioned that you were an independent filmmaker earlier on? What movies?

3. Is this a career path you’re still pursuing at all?

4. Are there any movies you’d say influenced your writing?

5. You write beautifully about friendships in your fiction, so I’m guessing that you must have had some close friends growing up?

6. A lot of your stories have a strong sense of loss and longing. Without my being too nosy, I was wondering why these themes attract you?

7. Your Fiction is a little difficult to classify. I hesitate at calling it weird fiction because there’s certainly horror in there. If you were to classify your fiction, what would it be?

8. Were you surprised when the HWA nominated your collection, AND HER SMILE WILL UNTETHER THE UNIVERSE, for a Stoker?

9. The Clawfoot Requiem, which is in Untether the Universe, has one of the strongest openings I’ve ever read. How did you come to write that one?

10. The Man in the Ambry reminded me of older, classical ghost stories, though we never really know what exactly is going on. That kind of ambiguity gets me excited. It’s immersive for the reader, involving them. Some readers want things explained for them, though. Considering a lot of the fiction of yours I’ve read hold that mystery or ambiguity, I was wondering if you get any negative feedback for it?

11. Ambiguity is tough to get right. I think that you handle it perfectly because it feels like the answers are all there, and the more you think about it, the more unsettling it feels. When writing, how do you figure out what information to let the reader in on and what to let them try and figure out for themselves to achieve this?

12. How many drafts do you typically go through before you feel a story is complete?

13. All the stories in Untether the Universe that I’ve read (I’m only at the halfway mark at this time) have a very original feel to them. How do you keep each story fresh?

14. Although you grew up in a small town in Ohio, your debut novel, The Rust Maidens, is about a young woman who grew up in the decaying industrial part of Cleveland. Part of the rust belt. Was Cleveland close to where you grew up? And are there any similarities between your own childhood and that of Phoebe Shaw’s?

15. There’s so much truth-telling in Rust Maidens. So much symbolism. I truly think that it would do well being taught in high schools not just because of the symbolism, but also the historical aspects of unions and industrial battles we saw taking place in the late 1970s and early 1980s. What was the research like?

16. Did you set out to write a book with these deep, sociological themes?

17. There’s also some really good scary scenes. Like where our hero is stuck in a mansion. Very creepy! How do you approach creating scenes that scare the reader?

18. I mentioned Black Static earlier. With them, you published the short story Songs To Help You Cope When Your Mom Won't Stop Haunting You And Your Friends, which is related to Rust Maidens. Which story came first?

19. I love the song choices you list in that story. Do you listen to music while writing?

20. You’ve also have a novella you released with Broken Eye Books in 2017. It’s called Pretty Marys All in a Row. I have not read this one yet but plan to ASAP. Can you tell us what it’s about?

21. February is, as you know, women in horror month. You’ve been writing a series about women horror writers on your blog, called Fear and the Feminine, where you interviewed women horror writers. Can you tell us more about this project?

22. I think that horror and science fiction is where women writers are most often forgotten or dismissed as serious writers. Why is it this way in your opinion?

23. What do you think we can do to help educate readers that there are women who not only write horror, but write it well?

24. What advice would you give young women writers just starting out?

25. Where can readers find you online?


RAW 2017


 Julia Ducournau


Julia Ducournau (screenplay)


Garance Marillier - as Justine

Ella Rumpf - as Alexia

Rabah Nait Oufella - as Adrien


Justine is a first-year veterinary student. Her elder sister is studying the same course at the university. Justine was raised a strict vegetarian but, as part of the hazing rituals, is forced to eat meat. Initially this has adverse effects but she soon develops a craving for meat...particularly human flesh.

DD Episode 111: Doungjai Gam & Suspiria (2018)

This episode Jason and Michael have a chat with Doungjai Gam, discussing her collection of short fiction and poetry, Glass Slipper Dreams, Shattered. They also discuss how to write flash fiction, how to make shorter pieces of fiction and poetry have more of an emotional effect, going to conventions, Necon, discrimination and sexism within the community, and so much more.

Visit Doungjai online: https://doungjaigam.wordpress.com/

Jason and Michael then discuss the new Suspiria movie and compare it to the original. Did they like it? Did they hate it? Listen in and out! Warning, there are some spoilers in the discussion. Times are below.

Intro: 00:00
Doungjai gam Interview: 5:30
Suspiria Discussion: 50:17
Suspiria Spoiler: 1:07:55 - 1:09:00
Outro: 1:20:00

Music Heard: Night Child by Electric Wizard.

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DD Episode 110: Steve Rasnic Tem & Halloween (2018 Reboot)


Welcome to the show! On this episode, we welcome legendary short story writer and novelist Steve Rasnic Tem to discuss his latest collection, out now by Omnium Gatherum. The collection is called Everything Is Fine Now, and you can purchase it with this link, or the link below. Jason and Michael discuss the stories within with Steve, how darker fiction often turns away horror fans, what makes horror fans, existential dread in dark fiction, love and loss, along with some great writing tips.

Then Michael and Jason discuss the 2018 reboot of the Halloween franchise staring Jamie Lee Curtis. Does it live up to Michael and Jason’s expectations? Find out!

Find Steve Rasnic Tem online: www.stevetem.com

Buy his books: https://www.amazon.com/Steve-Rasnic-Tem/e/B001JRYPX6

Buy Everything Is Fine Now: https://www.amazon.com/Everything-Fine-Now-Steve-Rasnic-ebook/dp/B07L9JMSQY/

Visit Omnium Gatherum: http://www.omniumgatherumedia.com/

Thanks to Steve Rasnic Tem for the wonderful conversation and thanks to you for listening in.

Music Heard: Night Child by Electric Wizard

DD Episode 109: Where To Start Reading Stephen King Discussion


This podcast, Jason and Michael discuss where to start if you’re interested in reading Stephen King but don’t know where to start. This is the first of our series on Stephen King, so stay tuned.

The guys also discuss how using a timer can help pump up your word count.

DD Episode 107: Writing with Outlines & Horror Book Influences

Horror BOOKS.jpg

On this podcast, Jason and Michael discuss how Jason outlined the novel he's working on right now including discussion on dealing with that middle slump, and then he and Michael discuss the books that influenced them most. Why? Because those books were what shaped us as readers and writers.

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DD Episode 106: Matt Hayward & Welcome To The Show Anthology


This week a bit of a shorter episode but it's a special one, folks!  Jason talks with author/musician Matt Hayward about his new anthology Welcome to the Show that he did with Crystal Lake Publishing, releasing Friday, August 3, 2018.





Check out the Anthologies table of contents:

Alan M Clark – What Sort of Rube
Jonathan Janz – Night and Day and in Between
John Skipp – In the Winter of No Love
Patrick Lacey – Wolf with Diamond Eyes
Bryan Smith – Pilgrimage
Rachel Autumn Deering – A Tongue like Fire
Glenn Rolfe – Master of Beyond
Matt Hayward – Dark Stage
Kelli Owen – Open Mic Night
Matt Serafini – Beat on the Past
Max Booth III – True Starmen
Somer Canon – Just to be Seen
Jeff Strand – Parody
Robert Ford – Ascending
Adam Cesare – The Southern Thing
Brian Keene – Running Free
Mary SanGiovanni – We Sang in Darkness

Song heard: Blizzard Spaceship by Apodemus





DD Episode 105: Josh Matthews & Ghostwatch (1992)


Josh Matthews, AKA Scott M. Baker, drops by to talk about his fascinating life, how to approach writing a series, pantsing vs plotting, marketing, and his Hell Gate series by Burning Willow Press. The third instalment is released just next month.

Jason and Michael then discuss the 1992 BBC film, Ghostwatch.

Visit the Hell Gate series online: http://hellgatesaga.blogspot.com 

Visit Scott Baker (Josh's real name) online: http://scottmbakerauthor.blogspot.com

Song Heard: 

Dominion/Mother Russia by Sisters of Mercy 

We warned you this cover is awful!

We warned you this cover is awful!

DD Episode 104: Burning Willow Press & Annihilation (2018)


On the 104th episode, Darkness Dwells revisits the staff of Burning Willow Press to discuss the inside scoop of what it's like running an independent publishing house. Guests include Edd and Kindra Sowder, L. Bachman, and Kerry Alan Denney. 



Visit Burning Willow Press online: https://www.burningwillowpressllc.com/

Jason and Michael then switch gears to discuss the brilliant 2018 film Annihilation.

Music Heard:
Unmask The Spectre by YOB


DD Episode 102: Tim Waggoner & XX (2017)


On this episode, Tim Waggoner drops by to discuss his story for the C.H.U.D. Lives Tribute anthology. While we had him we also discussed his work with tie-ins and how one goes about finding work in such a field, such as utilizing Kindle Worlds. They also discuss a little about Tim Flanagan! 

Meanwhile, Jason and Michael discuss The Nocturnal Reader's Box subscription, used bookstores, Rob Zombie's next movie, sexual abuse in Hollywood, and the 2017 movie, XX, an anthology horror movie written and directed by four different women.

It's a giant episode! Time to grab your favourite beverage and dig in!

Find Tim Waggoner online: 

Check out The Nocturnal Reader's Box: https://www.thenocturnalreadersbox.com/

Kindle Worlds: https://kindleworlds.amazon.com/

Music Heard:

Evil Desire by Dirty Grave

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Tim Waggoner.jpg

DD Episode 101: Michael H. Hanson & Insidious: The Final Key


Michael H. Hanson drops by to help Darkness Dwells' Month of C.H.U.D. where we discuss creating shared worlds, Sha' Daa and what's next in the series, writing horror poetry, and the C.H.U.D. Lives Tribute anthology.

Then Jason and Michael discuss the latest in the James Wan universe, Insidious: The FInal Key.

Visit Michael online: http://www.northcountrypoet.com/NorthCountryPoet/Welcome.html


Music Heard: 

Ophidian Womb by Absent

DD Episode 100: J.G. Faherty & Are We Not Cats (2016)


This is our 100th episode! To celebrate, Jason is taking a month-long journey to promote his short story, Dweller Messiah, appearing in The C.H.U.D. Lives Tribute Anthology! First up is an interview with J.G. Faherty where they discuss his story in the anthology, applying themes to short stories, how horror movies from the 80s influenced his work, and so much more. 

Then Jason and Michael have a discussion on the 2016 film Are We Not Cats. Do they tear this movie to pieces, or did they like it? Find out.

Visit J.G. Faherty online: http://www.jgfaherty.com/

Order The C.H.U.D. Lives Tribute Anthology:  http://getbook.at/CHUD

Music Heard:

False Faith by Weird Tales


DD Episode 99: Kerry Alan Denney & Psychopaths (2017)


Kerry Alan Denney returns to discuss his new novel, Beyond the Vale. They also discuss how to avoid author intrusion, drafting your novel, marketing tips, and life after death. 

Then Jason and Michael discuss the 2017 Mickey Keating film Psychopaths.

Visit Kerry online: http://www.kerrydenney.com/


Music Heard

Drowning by Monster Magnet. Buy their new album here!

DD Episode 98: Tamara Thorne & The Invitation (2015)

Tamara Thorne.jpeg

Horror writing legend Tamara Thorne talks with Jason and Michael where they discuss her books and her collaboration with Alastair Cross. They also discuss Ray Bradbury, swap ghost stories and discuss her own podcast she hosts with Alastair Cross, Thorne & Cross: Haunted Nights LIVE! 

Then Jason and Michael discuss the 2015 movie The Invitation.


Visit Tamara Online: https://www.tamarathorne.com/ 

Music heard

Blood on Satan's Claw by Alastor

DD Episode 97: Mercedes M. Yardley & The Ritual (2017)


To celebrate Women in Horror month, Jason and Michael talk with Mercedes M. Yardley where they discuss the unfortunate need for a month dedicated to women in horror, what makes a strong female character, voodoo dolls, the ever intrusive unsolicited dick pick (seriously dudes, don't do this!), advice for young women horror writers, and so much more. Then Michael and Jason Netflix and chill with the Adam Neville adapted novel The Ritual.


Visit Mercedes online: 



Music Heard: 

Singularity by Steinsopp

Ritual Poster Art.jpg

DD Episode 96: 2017 vs 2018


We're back! Sorry for the delay everyone! This episode Jason and Michael discuss their favorites and biggest disappointments in movies for 2017. They had planned on talking about books, too, but ran out of time. They did, however, get a preview in for both books and movies coming this year that both hosts are excited about.  


Please check out the Stories For Ghosts blog!

Music heard:

Enemy by Alastor

Stay tuned as Darkness Dwells will celebrate Woman in Horror month in both blog and upcoming podcast episode formats.