Jeepers Creepers


I have a fond memory of watching the first Jeepers Creepers. It was back in the days when I smoked legally questionable herbs quite frequently. I was pretty high on said herbs when I sat down with a couple of friends to watch this one on my very first DVD player. Yes, it was that long ago.

Anyway, one of the friends I watched the film with was upset that the monster [SPOILER] wasn't some deranged serial killer. And yet, it was because the monster was an honest to god monster instead of a human that had me. That scene where Justin Long prowls around the Creeper's lair, with the dying dude wrapped up in a burlap sack and the walls with all the bodies of past victims (disturbingly preserved and stitched together) attached like some unholy cathedral wall painting is a scene that had my full attention. What the fuck is going on? was the question that spun around in my frightened, herb altered mind. 

It was like I was there, man. And I was terrified!

That wasn't the only scary scene of the movie. The first Jeepers Creepers holds tons of creepy images that you cannot and do not want to un-see when finished.

The second movie was a bummer, in my opinion. Not a tenth as creepy and a plot that involved a bunch of half-naked teenagers trapped on a bus overnight while the Creeper picked them off one by one.

Boring shit compared to the first one.

For years now there's been a rumour of a third one. Recently, Bloody Disgusting and reported an update on the third one, both offering a quote from Justin Long from a Reddit AMA he participated in. The quote is thus:

There is a script (it’s called “Jeepers Creepers: Cathedral”),” Long reveals to the AMA crowd. “Gina [Philips] plays the lead in it. It’s been tough getting off the ground, financially, unfortunately. According to Victor, I do get my hands on a flashback.

I'm hoping that Victor Salva figures out the finances for this one. The movie's name and the fact that Gina Philips is to play the lead suggests to me that this one might get away from the director's fevered perversions (as displayed in the second movie) and return to the creepiness of the first.