If you've been listening to the show, then you know that we've been talking a lot about the latest Crystal Lake Publishing anthology, Gutted: Beautiful Horror Stories. Now's your chance to win a copy of the anthology along other books by some of the authors who have recently appeared on the show. To win, all you have to do is tell us of your love for The Darkness Dwells Podcast. Details below.

The Prizes

3rd place: an ebook copy of Gutted: Beautiful Horror Stories.

2nd place: ebook copies of Gutted, Little Dead Red by Mercedes M. Yardley, Paper Tigers by Damien Angelica Walters, and We are Monsters by Brian Kirk. 

1st place: The Physical copy of Gutted along with all ebooks in 2nd place.

How to Win:

Send feedback for the Darkness Dwells Podcast and tell us how we're doing in one or all three ways listed below. The more you participate the better your chances are of winning.

1. Email your feedback to and tell us what you like about the show. This will get your name into the drawing hat once.

2. Email a mp3 of your voice to and verbally tell us your thoughts. This method will get your name into the drawing hat twice.

3. Write a review on iTunes or Stitcher or wherever you subscribe to Darkness Dwells and take a screenshot of said review once it's live. Email the screenshot. to This will get your name into the drawing hat three times.

4. Do all three and get your name entered into the hat four times!

All entries will be read/played on the show.

As always, thanks for listening and reading!