Top Five Goriest & Over the Top Italian Horror Scenes

Written by Jason White 

I'm going to admit something right now that I've probably already confessed somewhere around here. I, in fact, am quite certain that I've admitted this before and, if I haven't, simply paying attention to this blog and/or the podcast should have given it away by now.

The confession is this: I love gore!

Why do I love gore? I think the answer to that is easy. It's fun. It adds to the scene of any movie no matter the genre. One reason for this is that it can add some realism, or at least more realism than one with someone getting stabbed to death with a blade that never gets bloody does, anyway. Some of them can be over the top, as well, and they are the most fun. And nobody does the over the top ones better than the Italians, in my opinion. 

I had originally wanted to add this to this week's podcast, but they're so much better enjoyed with the visuals. Enjoy!

5. Black Sunday Death Mask Scene

This scene is the only one on this list that isn't over the top. However, if you watch closely, you can see why this one disturbs me. It's that single moment that lasts less than a second when the giant sledgehammer meets the mask, driving those spikes home. 

4. From Beyond's Eyeball Splatter Scene

Italian horror, especially director Lucio Fulci, loved their eyeball trauma horror. The first of these is most certainly an eye-popper!

3. Zombi (AKA Zombie Flesh Eaters) Splinter in the Eye Scene

This is a scene you think the camera will turn away once it reaches that pivotal point, but it does not. The director, Lucio Fulci, seemed to have a thing for eyeballs. Just make sure you don't turn away at that moment of deep contact. 

2. Susperia: Pat's Death Scene

If you want over the top, this next scene delivers it. Not only is it strange, but it looks like a terrible way to go out. It's surprising that Pat lived so long after all those terrible, fatal stab wounds. 

1. City of the Living Dead Intestine Scene

This scene is perhaps the most repulsive scene I've ever had the displeasure of watching. Every time I see it I nearly gag. I think I might have gagged the first time. Now I know when to look away.