Guest Author TJ Weeks

Our first guest blog post goes to the great TJ Weeks. We thank him for this article and the great giveaway. Stay tuned on the event page today, June 2, 2015, to see how you can win!

I’m award winning horror author TJ Weeks. I’ve written and released out 27 different books and short stories. I started writing when I was very young. My first book ever released was published by my school when I was in the sixth grade. It took many years later before I released out another. Since I was still not a professional and had no clue about the author world I published through They were charging $70 for a book. Never claimed to be the smartest person, but I knew I wouldn’t get any sales. I did actually sell one, but it was a family member that bought it. I finally learned about and that’s where I went.

I have been with two publishers since then, but nothing too professional.

A lot of people don’t know this, but I don’t just write horror, even though it’s my main genre. I also write thriller series for kids, first starter books for kids and books of poetry. For those of you that have read my romance book, no it’s not part of my genre, it was a simple challenge that S.K. Ballinger had challenged me with.

I’m 33 years old and married with 5 kids. My wife and I have no kids together, though. I have my two from previous marriage and she has her three from previous marriage. We have a place in Grand Saline, TX.

I spend all of my time either writing or touring around doing book signings across the continental U.S.

Here is my Author's Page where you can check out what I have out still.

I also had one of my short stories turned to film. Didn’t turn out quite like I would have wanted, but it was a lot of fun doing.

I have all kinds of social media, but my website and my facebook are the main things I really get on these days.

That’s enough about me though. Here are some authors that I read in the horror field that have impressed me: Mark Tufo is one of the main indie authors that have caught my attention. I’d throw out some links, but I’d be here all day, so here’s Tufo's website instead. You can find awesome books for days there.

Ted Nulty is another eye turner for me and his book Gone Feral is the latest and greatest I’ve read of his thus far.

Here’s some other authors that I have been keeping a close eye on: Mike Evans, Brandon Ryals, Carole Gill, Shaun Phelps, Lori Fontanez, Thomas Malafarina, Kerry Alan Denney and Ashlei Hawley.

My all time favorite horror movie would be the original Pumpkinhead. It’s probably because it was one of the first horror movies I watched as a child. However, I’m a big fan of all the original Friday the 13th’s, Halloween’s and Texas Chainsaw Massacre’s. I’m not a big fan of the remakes. For an individual film with no real series would be IT. Tim Curry as Pennywise was pretty awesome in my opinion.

I have many people that ask me what inspire me to write. I’d have to say watching horror movies growing up and having to watch what it has changed into these days inspires me to make things better and go back to the old school roots. Also getting to talk to all of my fans, as well as fellow indie authors gives me a boost of inspiration. For those that know me will tell you that I will help you as much as I can, but we’re all trying to reach one goal, so why not.

Dean Samed does all of my covers now. If you haven’t seen his work, then you’re missing out. He has done work for the mighty Stephen King. Honestly, I just give him a basic scene and he runs with it mainly based off of synopsis alone and he hasn’t disappointed once. Great guy and amazing artist.

Things that you can expect in the near future from me: I have Devil Days: 666 that will be coming soon, Devil Station will be coming your way soon and GRYNN: THE GAME will be coming at you soon. I’m also starting to write for a mini series called “Virus K” that will be released in books, put into screenplay, shot and released out on DVD’s. Don’t have an ETA just yet, but can say we start this project in mid June of this year. You can also expect to see more collaborated books between myself and S.K. Ballinger in the future, possibly an Obsessed With The Kill 2.

For a special thanks for having me on their blog, I’d like to do a giveaway of a signed paperback of “A Walk Through Hell”, but I’m going to let them decide how you can win to what best helps their podcast.